How to Buy

Kepware offers easy and flexible options for licensing and purchasing—enabling you to customize an experience that best meets your needs.

Subscription Licensing

Kepware offers Subscription Licensing, a flexible way to access and implement Kepware software solutions by paying for only what you need, when you need it. Other benefits to subscription licensing are as follows:

  • Lower costs and predictable budgeting, typically resulting in an easier purchase approval process
  • Enrollment into our Support and Maintenance Program, which includes software updates and upgrades, technical support for an unlimited number of support requests, and license recovery in the event of machine failure or destruction
  • Flexibility to scale license usage up or down as business needs change

For information regarding auto-renewal policies and term options, please contact a Kepware Sales representative or Preferred Distributor in your region. 

Perpetual Licensing

Kepware also offers a perpetual model, where customers pay a one-time product list price at purchase. Purchasing a year-one Support & Maintenance Agreement is mandatory to protect customers' investment and increase their software’s sustainability. Perpetual licensing is available through phone and online orders.

Purchasing Methods

Purchasing methods vary depending on geographic location. For the ideal purchasing experience, channels are listed in preferred sequence below.

Inside the United States

1. Contact Kepware

2. Use the Online Store

3. Find an Authorized Reseller

Outside the United States

1. Find a Preferred Distributor or Authorized Reseller

2. Contact Kepware