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Provide your Industrial IoT applications with seamless access to industrial data.

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Data: The Foundation of Industrial IoT

With Industrial IoT, you can unlock and capitalize on your existing OT and IT data to improve processes, drive productivity, unleash innovation, and ultimately gain an edge in our increasingly competitive global economy. Whether it's part of Industry 4.0, digital transformation, smart manufacturing, or whatever comes next, Industrial IoT is key to unlocking the value of digital manufacturing and industrial enterprises cannot afford to be left behind.

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A majority of manufacturers have Industrial IoT pilots or projects underway, but most struggle to overcome the complex, heterogeneous nature of OT and IT environments and achieve value at scale. According to McKinsey, achieving enterprise-wide industrial connectivity is currently the greatest challenge, and may be the missing link, to implementing and realizing the value of Industrial IoT. 

Kepware’s industry-leading industrial connectivity platform, KEPServerEX, delivers the most complete solution for OT, IT, and cloud interoperability for the enterprise. KEPServerEX provides a single integrated platform for collecting, aggregating, and providing secure access to all industrial operations data.

In addition, KEPServerEX seamless collects and routes factory data to ThingWorx, PTC's market-leading IIoT platform, to improve workforce productivity, optimize assets, and streamline processes. 

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How KEPServerEX Enables Standardized Industrial Connectivity for IIoT

Native Integration with the Leading IIoT Platform
The ThingWorx Native Interface enables seamless data access between KEPServerEX and ThingWorx Foundation. It includes a robust store-and-forward option, ensuring data is not lost in the event of a network failure. It offers advanced security settings, so that read/write permissions can be controlled from the edge. It also supports proxies to enable network best practices. When implemented simultaneously, KEPServerEX and ThingWorx enable quick time to value for industrial enterprises.

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Edge-Based Analytics and Data Storage

With the potential to collect thousands of critical data points, KEPServerEX provides the ability to store data locally in case of interrupted communications and offers edge-based analytics and data aggregation to ensure you only get the data you need.

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Industrial Control Systems and Big Data

Industrial Control System (ICS) data is important to engineers and technicians on the plant floor, as well as executives across the entire enterprise. For Big Data and analytics solutions to be successful, they need access to the same real-time data currently available within ICS applications.

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Industrial Connectivity and Data from the Edge

KEPServerEX supports more than 130 communication drivers connecting to thousands of devices including machines, meters, PACs, PLCs, RTUs, sensors, and more. Kepware’s proven, interoperable platform solution increases the accessibility of your industrial automation data.

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