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The Power Suite supports drivers that offer buffered and real-time data collection, consolidating data into a single-server communications platform.

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Communications Solutions for Power & Utilities

KEPServerEX helps streamline data delivery across the Power & Utilities industries and connect critical facility components. It collects, manages, and aggregates data from equipment in local and remote locations for real-time control, protection, and monitoring of integral information. KEPServerEX provides the most complete support of the OPC standard, exchanging data between multi-vendor devices and control applications without proprietary restrictions.

Streamlining Critical Data

The accurate, secure, and real-time acquisition and delivery of critical information across networks is a key requirement for the Power & Utilities and Building Automation industries. Industry standards and regulatory requirements for protection and control systems data are rigorous, and safety is always paramount. Monitoring a vast amount of system-critical information to effectively assess how equipment is being utilized (ensuring downtime is minimized and network performance is maximized) is a major priority for today’s power producers, grid operators, and owner/operators of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. New network technologies and system architectures (including OPC) are making these complex systems operate more efficiently than ever before. KEPServerEX works within these new network technologies and system architectures to provide the most robust and complete access to vital information.

Intelligent Device Connectivity and Management

Whether it’s connecting hundreds or thousands of IEDs, RTUs, PLCs, and PACs within a substation automation system, dozens of smart meters at your local college campus dormitory, or various heat, water, and electricity meters at an industrial plant, an energy management plan requires intelligent device connectivity. By connecting and closely managing a wide range of intelligent devices, users can monitor and control energy usage, reduce energy costs, increase efficiency, and improve return on investment. KEPServerEX provides the most complete support of the OPC standard, exchanging data between multi-vendor devices and control applications without proprietary restrictions. Drivers in the Power and Building Automation suites offer buffered, real-time data collection, allowing you to consolidate data into a single-server connectivity platform and save time and money.

Built-In Redundancy

The Power & Utilities Industry strives for interoperability and system integration. Because robust and highly-reliable systems are required in these environments, redundant devices, networks, and software are often used to provide the required uptime. Kepware’s RedundancyMaster and Media Level Redundancy advanced plug-in help ensure redundant, secure, and reliable operations while minimizing operating costs. KEPServerEX also includes the ability to define redundant devices and networks, in addition to their failover criteria.

Telemetry Environments

Industrial automation equipment can be deployed in the confines of a heated and dry factory but can also be installed inside a vehicle, on a remote windfarm, or in a utility control center. In these remote environments, there is often a variety of telemetry solutions, including cellular, radio, and satellite modems. KEPServerEX supports these telemetry configurations and provides additional capabilities to optimize communications through virtual networks, definition of timeouts, demotion of inaccessible devices, and allows users to schedule when to communicate with specific devices with the Scheduler Advanced Plug-in.

Storing Industrial Automation Data

Historizing both critical and non-essential automation data for analysis, reporting, and archival purposes has become critical for most customers who utilize industrial automation. While the established enterprise historian products offer a final perpetual archive of critical information, their high cost and inflexible configuration can be inappropriate for many Power & Utility and Building Automation requirements. The Local Historian is a local data store that captures historical information in an easy to configure, flexible, open, and cost-effective solution. The Local Historian moves data collection, storage, and access closer to the data source to prevent data loss and improve operational efficiency with open access and a single product solution. It plugs in to the KEPServerEX connectivity platform, connecting to any device in real-time without operational downtime.