Quality, Connectivity, Visibility: Improving Performance with IoT

Learn how industry leaders like you are improving connectivity, data traceability, visibility, plant floor performance, product quality, and more.

Faurecia Improved Historical Traceability


Faurecia, one of the world’s largest automotive equipment suppliers, has a local server in each plant running its proprietary MES, IJ Core. Using the IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX, Faurecia began collecting data from the shop floor and communicating it to IJ Core over REST/HTTP. IJ Core was then able to store that information, satisfying customer requests for traceability spanning several years.

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"The IoT Gateway’s ease of implementation and use—and ability to communicate with the leading devices on the shop floor—gives us peace of mind... With greater visibility into the processes we have in place, we’re able to make more educated decisions about our future, which is invaluable." Rafael Unruh, Competence Center Manager, Faurecia


Teel Plastics Created a More Efficient Plant Floor


Plastics manufacturer Teel Plastics, Inc.'s line operators use a custom web interface that interacts directly with the IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX—creating a much more efficient and effective method than Teel's previous manual process. With the custom web interface, Teel Plastics was able to design the visuals, controls, and workflows that best suited their process automation goals.

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"Working with the IoT Gateway is seamless. We’re able to trust that as our recipes evolve, KEPServerEX will be able to take on anything and everything that we throw at it.” Owen Gwynne Senior Programmer, Teel Plastics


Pantera Improved Operational Insights


Pantera Energy Company, an oil and gas drilling and pumping company, uses Kepware’s Modbus and Weatherford drivers to communicate to productive equipment at their wellsites, providing data to local monitors as well as centralized SCADA repositories.

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“It was important that we implement an intuitive single-pane solution in order to encourage adoption and use, and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with Ignition and KEPServerEX.” Jerrod Kee Operations Specialist, Pantera Energy Company.

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