Now Available: KEPServerEX® Version 6.5

KEPServerEX version 6.5 provides you the tools and resources you need to address evolving cybersecurity threats to your industrial control system (ICS). From new security features to tactical recommendations and a secure deployment guide, PTC is committed to strengthening cybersecurity collaboration with our customers.

Download a free trial to explore the following new security features and updates in KEPServerEX version 6.5:

  • Project File Protection: Stop attackers from stealing proprietary information during project file transfer
  • Administrator Password in Install: Strengthen security of application-level settings—even before project configuration
  • Back-end Security Updates: Combat encryption-breaking technology and ensure you have modern security components
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Other Product Enhancements
In addition to expanded security functionality, KEPServerEX version 6.5 enhances ease of use, and provides more access to your industrial data:

  • Automatic Tag Generation for the MQTT Client driver
  • New MIDs 30-38 and 128 support for the Torque Tool Ethernet driver
  • Siemens TIA Portal V14 SP1 or V15 support for the TIA Portal Exporter Utility
  • …and 29 other updates to components, drivers and advanced plug-ins

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Demo Terms

KEPServerEX will run for two hours at a time. The demo period can be repeated at any time by stopping and starting the application. There are no other limitations to the product. Channel, device, and tag counts are unlimited.


The software demo is fully-functional and runs in a two-hour, time-limited mode until purchased. For detailed technical information and instructions on licensing, please see the License Utility product manual. To access additional licensing resources, visit

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