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With enhanced connectivity and new security tools, KEPServerEX version 6.7 allows industrial enterprises to standardize on a single, secure connectivity solution.

Connectivity to industrial automation equipment is critical to improving operational efficiency, whether that be via SCADA, Manufacturing Execution Systems, or an Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0 solution. Only KEPServerEX has the breadth of connectivity, reliability, and security to connect quickly and securely for any project. Version 6.7 further extends Kepware's market-leading connectivity and gives engineers additional tools to secure their production deployments. 

Enhanced Device Support for the Most Open, Interoperable Torque Tool Driver on the Market
  • Improved connectivity to new devices from Atlas Copco, a recognized leader in Torque Tools
  • Added support for many additional Message IDs (MIDs) and MID revisions to benefit users of any Torque Tool supporting the Torque Tool Open Protocol  
New Secure Remote Configuration Options via the KEPServerEX Configuration API
  • Securely configure new plug-ins and settings from remote locations or servers
  • Added Configuration API support for the DataLogger Advanced Plug-in and the KEPServerEX User Manager
New Security Tools to Ensure Secure Server Deployment
  • New best practices for permissions for Windows Standard Users
  • Added support for additional OPC UA Security Policy
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Demo Terms

KEPServerEX will run for two hours at a time. The demo period can be repeated at any time by stopping and starting the application. There are no other limitations to the product. Channel, device, and tag counts are unlimited.


The software demo is fully-functional and runs in a two-hour, time-limited mode until purchased. For detailed technical information and instructions on licensing, please see the License Utility product manual. To access additional licensing resources, visit

KEPServerEX Version 6.7

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