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What's New in KEPServerEX V6.7?

Enhanced Torque Tool Driver

  • Improved connectivity to the new Power Focus 6000 from Atlas Copco, a recognized leader in Torque Tools
  • Enabled connectivity to the new Micro Torque Focus 6000 from Atlas Copco
  • Added support for many additional Message IDs (MIDs) and MID revisions to benefit users of any Torque Tool supporting the Torque Tool Open Protocol

Additional Configuration API functionality

  • Configure the Datalogger Advanced Plug-in remotely and securely using the KEPServerEX Configuration API
  • Add new users, create user groups and assign server permissions using the Configuration API
  • Update certain administrative settings related to diagnostics and logging via the Configuration API

Security Enhancements

  • Enabled users to better secure KEPServerEX installations via:
    • New default permissions for Windows Standard Users on new installs 
    • Updates to the KEPServerEX secure deployment guide regarding Windows Standard User permissions
  • Added support for the Basic256Sha256 Security Policy for the OPC UA Server and Client Driver
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KEPServerEX Version 6.7

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