Connected Assets = Smarter Operations

KEPServerEX® is the industry's leading connectivity platform that leverages OPC and IT-centric communication protocols to provide a single source of industrial data to disparate devices, machines and software applications. With IoT-ready functionality and a library of more than 150 drivers supporting legacy and future-forward technology, KEPServerEX® is a key component of any smart connected factory.

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Competitive Benefits from the Plant Floor to IT to the Boardroom
KEPServerEX® provides the global connectivity, usability and performance required by the enterprise.
  • IoT-ready out-of-the-box functionality, interfacing with on-premises web servers and off-premises Cloud applications for real-time insight into industrial operations
  • Compatible with leading hypervisors like VMware and Hyper-V for deployment on public and private clouds
  • Integrates with IT applications for visibility into plant floor assets at any time and from anywhere
  • Enhanced messaging security via SSL and TLS for secure, authenticated and encrypted communications across various network topologies
  • Advanced application security features to meet site security requirements
  • Sophisticated access control to the server, data source and data values
  • Multiple redundancy options to ensure resiliency, high reliability and uptime in critical applications
  • Scalable unified architecture, providing the flexibility to combine drivers and consume multiple protocols in a single server
  • Streamlined interface for simple installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting
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