Manufacturing and the IoT

Today's manufacturing plant floor relies on real-time data connectivity to disparate machinery, devices, and applications. But these vital tools "speak" different languages and can't always communicate effectively—or at all. Valuable information can be lost in this communications gap—at the cost of safety, productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Explore these resources and use cases to learn how the KEPServerEX® industrial connectivity platform is solving data communication challenges and improving traceability, visibility, product quality and more for manufacturers like you.

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Connectivity Solutions for Industrial Automation

From warehousing to packaging, assembly to quality testing, Kepware's robust, reliable and scalable software solutions deliver real-time insight into production and process—enabling Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). With KEPServerEX handling connectivity and interoperability, manufacturers have the enhanced tools necessary for today's smart factory.

Learn more about Kepware's smart manufacturing solutions:

Building an IoT Ecosystem

Any manufacturer who hopes to stay competitive in today's market needs an IoT-connected factory. Read this white paper to explore the pros and cons of three leading strategies for integrating legacy machines with modern, Internet-connected equipment—and discover the questions you can ask to determine the right method for your organization's specific goals.

Use Cases: Manufacturing and the IoT

The IoT means different things to different manufacturers. Here's how some of your peers are implementing and optimizing their IoT solutions.

Remote Connectivity Use Case: Teel Plastics Utilizes the IoT for Mobile and Web Applications

Traceability Use Case: Faurecia Accesses Industrial Data via Web Services for Manufacturing Execution

Cloud and Big Data Use Case: German Automotive Company Implements Cloud and Big Data Systems

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