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Connected Edge Device Hardware Partners leverage Thingworx Kepware Edge to provide an Edge connectivity solution.

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Most modern IoT Architectures rely heavily on a Cloud/Edge architecture, with Edge connectivity being a key contributor to the overall success of the implementation. Thingworx Kepware Edge solves the connectivity challenge by taking industrial data and converting it to MQTT, OPC UA, or Thingworx AlwaysOn. However, Thingworx Kepware Edge still needs to be deployed on a hardware device.

In order to help our customers implement our new Thingworx Kepware Edge offering as part of an overall solution, Kepware has partnered with various hardware vendors to test Thingworx Kepware Edge on certain hardware models. This test will give users the confidence that our two products together can solve the edge connectivity challenge.


About the test

Testing consists of processing 10,000 tags of various data type and scan rates, and send the data to both an OPC UA Client and a MQTT Broker. All listed Hardware Partners have successfully completed this test on one or more models.  

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