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Our strategic network of leading IoT solution providers are committed to delivering value through solutions and services.

Meet Our IoT Alliance Members

The IoT Alliance program is a strategic network of leading solution providers for the Internet of Things (IoT), representing a broad range of industries, geographies, and areas of expertise. Members are committed to delivering value to the global IoT market and shaping the direction of industry through smart technology and thought leadership.

The IoT Alliance provides a safe network for beta testing and developing a Proof of Concept (POC) for IoT solutions. The collaboration between Kepware and Alliance members reduces risk, decreases time to market, and enables the release of proven, interoperable solutions for our mutual customers.

Browse our community of IoT Alliance members below.


Aizoon Logo


Aizoon is a system integrator with operations in the USA, Europe and Australia, focused primarily on industrial IT, automation, and the entire software stack that leads from operations to business intelligence. Aizoon partners with several world leading universities to keep abreast of specific innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Aizoon and Kepware have partnered because we have complementary capabilities and together we can support customers in manufacturing and distribution with their quest for better efficiency in operations and asset utilization.

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+91 959 544 5145

Altizon is an Industrial Internet Platform Company with its core offering being a Big Data IoT Platform called Datonis. Altizon is focused on helping enterprises enhance their Productivity, optimize OEE, and enable Condition Based Monitoring, Preventive/Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning solutions. As Kepware’s IoT Alliance Member and Technology Partner, Altizon is committed to providing the best Enterprise grade IoT Solutions for its customers by utilizing Kepware’s IoT Gateway, through which devices can be easily configured to help push the device data/information to Datonis IoT Platform.

B-Scada Logo

+1 352-564-9610

B-Scada provides software and hardware solutions for the monitoring and analysis of real time data in the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart City domains. B-Scada systems are sold worldwide in various verticals including: building automation, transportation, smart grid, manufacturing, agriculture and commerce. B-Scada solutions are deployed onsite and as cloud-hosted solutions in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Blue Pillar connects the Energy Things that power our world. The only IoT solution to unite all Energy Things onto a single platform, Blue Pillar unleashes the power of real-time data to strengthen critical infrastructure and accelerate business. Blue Pillar’s Aurora® is automated through a template-driven process where security is built-in from sensor to cloud. With Blue Pillar, companies have unprecedented insight into their energy needs to become more efficient and have peace of mind that when the grid goes down, their business will continue forward.

Dell Logo


Dell takes a pragmatic approach towards making the Internet of Things a reality by combining a community of technology providers and domain experts with our broad portfolio of solution-enabling assets. Dell’s analytics, data management and infrastructure solutions provide the power to ensure your IoT solution enables analytics where it makes sense—at the edge, in the data center or in the cloud. With award-winning security tools and expertise, and a holistic approach, Dell helps ensure your infrastructure and data remain safe, secure and private. Dell’s broad portfolio of key IoT technologies, combined with a rich partner ecosystem, allows you to build the right IoT ecosystem for your unique needs.

DeviceLynk Logo


DeviceLynk is an Industrial Internet of Things application for connecting field assets, which delivers Actionable Intelligence through graphical dashboards to enable users to make decisions quickly. When the appropriate action is obvious or identified, organizations can achieve new levels of reliability, productivity and quality – while reducing costs and saving time through more effective resource utilization. Our partnership with Kepware enables us to combine technology from a recognized leader in industrial device and IoT connectivity, with DeviceLynk's platform and dashboard capabilities, creating a comprehensive foundation for any Industrial IoT implementation.

Edge2Web Logo


Edge2Web delivers cloud-based visual tools that enable industrial app builders to rapidly develop and deploy a wide range of IIoT-style applications. Edge2Web products are based on a programming-by-exception model, allowing power users to create sophisticated industrial dashboards and mash-up apps. And our secure, cloud-based delivery services minimize IT disruption while scaling elastically to meet a wide range of application deployment needs. Using KEPServerEX and other leading interfaces, Edge2Web allows you to integrate OT and IT systems to deliver high-powered IIoT applications.

Fabrix has created a revolutionary way to visualize your operations by transforming enormous amounts of operational data into actionable information with visual alerts. The visualizations provide a panoramic field of view for your operations. This allows your team to resolve, remediate and act fast. See events happen in real-time and solve issues before they impact your business.

Falkonry Logo


Falkonry discovers, recognizes, and predicts the operating condition of Things. Falkonry performs signal processing and machine learning on sensor data to identify and classify conditions. Like Facebook recognizes faces in complex images and correctly labels them once learned, Falkonry recognizes conditions in complex signals and correctly reports them as they occur. Falkonry enables increasing system availability and reducing operating expense through predictive maintenance, failure prevention, threat detection, and performance optimization. Falkonry is available in the cloud or in private deployments. Get started with a free Falkonry Sandbox account: http://falkonry.com/start.

Foghorn Logo


FogHorn is a leader in “edge intelligence” for industrial IoT applications. FogHorn brings high performance edge processing, real time analytics and heterogeneous machine learning close to the source of high volume machine data to achieve greater operating efficiency with more throughput and yield as well as reduced outages, scrap and wasted energy. Applications include manufacturing, utilities, energy, mining, transportation, healthcare, Smart Grid/Buildings/Cities and connected vehicles.

Informatica is a leading independent software provider focused on delivering transformative innovation for the future of all things data. Organizations around the world rely on Informatica to realize their information potential and drive top business imperatives. More than 5,800 enterprises depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets residing on-premise, in the Cloud and on the internet, including social networks.

IOT Technology Solutions provides integrated solutions that collect, analyze, and manage data from devices and independent systems to improve business efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. We apply our skills and products to serve customers in the factory automation, process control, and a variety of other IoT markets. In combination with Kepware, our platform specifically addresses the Industrial Internet of Things where our data collection, data analytics, intelligent alerting, and cross-system integration capabilities can be uniformly applied across equipment vendors and across geographical sites to provide a unified, enterprise-wide management environment.

Kalypso Logo


Kalypso is a global consulting firm, helping clients deliver better results from innovation in a digital world. The firm delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities across strategy, operations and technology, bridging the digital and physical worlds to improve innovation performance. Our comprehensive capabilities include enabling innovation with digital technologies, implementing core innovation technology like PLM, and helping companies with strategy and operations, process management and organizational design.

Lanner’s IoT embedded hardware platforms are specifically designed and manufactured for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. These reliable, rugged embedded box PCs can be deployed along with Kepware software solutions to give OEMs and System Integrators an IoT-ready platform that helps reduce development efforts and costs while improving time-to-market.

Lantronix is a global provider of secure data access and management solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Our mission is to be the leading supplier of IoT solutions that enable companies to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment, and management of IoT projects while providing secure access to data for applications and people.

With over 25 years of experience, our solutions are deployed inside millions of machines in industries such as medical, security, industrial, transportation, retail, financial services, and government.

Mnubo Logo


We are a Smart Data and Analytics company for the Internet of Things (IoT). We aim to analyze the world’s IoT data to make it more valuable. Our open, easy-to-use SaaS platform enables OEMs to connect, collect, analyze and act on their object data to deliver strategic insights, actionable intelligence and richer apps.

Sensrtrx Logo


SensrTrx is a manufacturing analytics application that collects data from sensors, machines and people on the shop floor to help manufacturing companies improve performance, availability and quality. Data is collected and analyzed in real time to provide role based dashboards so everyone from an operator to an executive can understand how the plant is running and take steps to improve. SensrTrx is quick to deploy, easy to use and has a short time to value.

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Splunk was founded to pursue a disruptive new vision: make Machine Data accessible, usable & valuable to everyone. It's what we call Operational Intelligence.

Vantiq Logo


The Vantiq platform simplifies IoT automation and DISARMs the technical and integration complexity of today’s IoT market. Across industrial, retail, oil and gas, public services, agriculture and healthcare organizations, Vantiq is helping customers rapidly identify and capture new business opportunities. Vantiq allows customers to leverage the IoT to optimize the resources in their supply chains, improve the efficiency of manufacturing systems, and drive gains in productivity across complex business processes through real-time problem identification and resolution.

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