Solving Your Communications Challenges

KEPServerEX communicates with industrial devices and applications using a library of more than 150 protocols, and provides enterprise applications with reliable real-time and historical data through a single communications platform.

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Bridging OPC Servers and Clients

LinkMaster easily exchanges data between OPC DA servers—bridging data between plant floors, production lines, and beyond.

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Eliminating Single Point of Failure

RedundancyMaster allows users to configure multiple OPC servers into redundant pairs, ensuring a continuous flow of data in the event of a loss of communication.

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Developing an OPC Client Application

ClientAce provides an intuitive toolkit for developers who want to build their own OPC client applications. Leverage drag and drop controls or the full API to quickly connect to OPC servers. No knowledge of OPC DA interfaces is required.

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Experiencing Hands-On Training

Kepware's training program is designed to address the specific challenges unique to a user's automation environment. Hands-on courses are held once a month at our headquarters in Portland, Maine. Users can also schedule on-site customized classes at their facility with Kepware Applications Engineers.

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