Keyence KV Ethernet

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Product Overview

The Keyence KV Ethernet driver works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to provide a seamless, secure, and reliable data exchange between client applications and KEYENCE KV series PLCs using the Host Link communications protocol over both the TCP and UDP transport layers.

With the Keyence KV Ethernet driver, KEPServerEX provides real-time read/write connectivity between KEYENCE KV series PLCs and diverse devices and software applications, including OPC clients and IoT solutions.

The Keyence KV Ethernet driver is localized in Japanese for enhanced accessibility, productivity, and safety for Japanese-speaking users.



  • Provides real-time data access (read/write connectivity) to KEYENCE PLCS, including the KV Series and Nano Series
  • Provides data block reads
  • Supports byte-within-word access
  • Supports bit-within-word access
  • Supports auto-demotion
  • Supports Media Level Redundancy
  • Supports device diagnostics, enabling the diagnosis of any issues with connectivity based on integration with the KEYENCE KV PLCs
  • Localized for Japanese cultures


  • Host Link

Supported Devices

  • KEYENCE KV-1000
  • KEYENCE KV-3000
  • KEYENCE KV-5000
  • KEYENCE KV-5500
  • KEYENCE KV-700
  • KEYENCE KV-7300
  • KEYENCE KV-7500
  • KEYENCE KV-8000

Available Languages

  • English
  • Japanese

Release Notes


  • Introduced a driver to support Keyence KV Ethernet devices using the Host Link communications protocol, TCP/IP, and UDP/IP. At release, the driver includes support for the following features:
    • Connection to KV Series devices (KV-7500, KV-7300, KV-5500, KV-5000, KV- 3000, KV-1000, KV-700, KV-Nano)
    • Support for datatypes: Boolean, Word, Short, BCD, DWord, Long, LBCD, Float, QWord, LongLong, Double, String, and Array (for all types except Boolean and String).
    • Support for device types: Relay, Timer, Counter, Register, Digital Trimmer, and Data Memory Blocked read requests
    • Auto-demotion feature
    • Media-level redundancy capability
    • Device diagnostics
    • Localized for Japanese culture

Additional Tech Info

  • Supports device types:
    • Relay
    • Timer
    • Counter
    • Register
    • Digital Trimmer
    • Data Memory Blocked read requests
  • Supports all standard data types, including:
    • Boolean
    • Word
    • Short
    • BCD
    • DWord
    • Long
    • LBCD
    • Float
    • QWord
    • LongLong
    • Double
    • String
  • Array (for all types except Boolean and String)

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