Siemens S7 Plus Ethernet

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Product Overview

The Siemens S7 Plus Ethernet driver provides Symbolic access to S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs through the native S7 Comm Plus protocol. With online automatic tag generation there is no longer a need to manually transfer your tags from your TIA Portal Projects. The Siemens S7 Plus Ethernet driver supports optimized and non-optimized block access as well as symbolic reads and writes of time, elementary and array elements.



  • Supports symbolic reads/writes of the following elementary data types: Bool, Byte, Char, Sint, USInt, Int, Word, UInt, Dint, DWord, UDInt, ILInt, Real (float-type), Lint, LWord, LReal (Float-type)
  • Supports individual array elements
  • Supports symbolic reads/writes of the following time types: S5Time, Time, Time of Day, Date Time Long (DTL)
  • Online auto-tag generation directly from devices that have symbolic names attached, is accessible and marked visible to the HMI
  • Supports for the following complex data types: UDT members, Struct members and DTL members
  • 256 channels total channels with 16 devices per channel


  • Siemens S7 Comm Plus

Supported Devices

  • S7-1200- Family
  • S7-1500- Family

Available Languages

  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese

Release Notes



Introduced this new driver to support communication with Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers via the Siemens S7 Comm Plus protocol using symbolic addressing. The new driver supports the following:
  • Read and write the following Siemens data types:  Bool, Byte, Char, INT, DINT, LINT, Word, DWord, LWord, REAL, LREAL, SINT, UDINT, UINT, USINT, ULINT, STRING, Date and Time (DT) - read-only, Time of Day (TOD), Time, S5Time, Date, OB_TOD.
  • Read and write members of complex types (array, structure, UDT instance, and DTL).
  • Access optimized and non-optimized data blocks.
  • Online automatic tag generation.
  • Access to password protected PLCs.
    NOTE: Communications with a PLC configured with TIA Portal V17 with secure communication enabled is not supported.
  • Auto-demotion.
  • Device diagnostics.
  • Localized in English, German, Japanese, and Chinese.