Square D

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Product Overview

The Square D driver works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to exchange data between OPC clients and Square D PLCs and Square D PowerLogic power line monitors. KEPServerEX automatically optimizes data acquisition based on client demand and ensures data integrity through extensive error handling.



  • Direct Support for the Square D PowerLogic 2000 Power Line Monitoring system
  • Supports the full address range (1-32767)
  • Supports the full 8 Layer Route
  • Supports all data types
  • Modem Support
    • Automatic dial configuration
    • Multiple phone number management


  • SY/MAX Point-to-Point Communications Protocol

Supported Devices

  • Square D PowerLogic Monitors
  • SY/MAX Programmable Controllers

Available Languages

  • English

Application Support

  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware

Release Notes


  • Enhanced the driver to allow users to set the Block Size, which is the number of registers that will be read in a single request. The valid block sizes are 16, 32, 64, and 128. The default setting is 16.
  • Fixed an issue where the driver transmitted erroneous PAD characters (0xfe).
  • Fixed an issue where the driver replied with the incorrect acknowledgement control frame.
  • Fixed an issue where the driver sent the acknowledgement control frame as two separate transactions.
  • Fixed an issue where the driver failed to send an acknowledgement control frame when it received an inquiry from the device and it did not have a tag to process.



  • Fixed issue where the driver was not parsing received data packet correctly when the route ID contained one or more nodes that were not equal to 255.

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