Configuration API

Included with KEPServerEX, no purchase necessary.
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Product Overview

The Configuration API feature gives users complete remote management and configuration control over all their KEPServerEX instances.

With the Configuration API, users can remotely apply programmatic changes to any KEPServerEX configuration via third-party client applications that utilize a REST-based API—such as web clients, SCADA software that supports HTTP, and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. With minimal programming, users can remotely change any project and use templates to standardize creation and naming among different device types. All changes take effect immediately, so there’s no HMI/SCADA or data downtime.

The Configuration API is especially helpful for users with large and constantly-changing projects who need to create consistency across remote and local instances.

Configuration API



  • Apply programmatic changes to Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) objects—such as channels, devices, and tags—in the server
  • Incorporate third-party applications to CRUD objects in KEPServerEX—such as channels, devices, tags, and advanced plug-in settings—via RESTful calls into the corresponding end points defined in the server
  • Programmatically build project files
  • Load full projects from a mapped file directory
  • Trigger project saves for any instance of KEPServerEX
  • Create an object with a child hierarchy in a single transaction
  • Create multiple objects in a single transaction
  • Initiate Automatic Tag Generation (ATG) through a simple service call at the device level
  • Programmatically access the Event Log
  • Programmatically configure KEPServerEX drivers and the IoT Gateway, Scheduler, and EFM Exporter
  • Protect the project configuration by restricting modifications by role

Sample Code

Access example code to learn how to utilize the Configuration API to make programmatic changes to a KEPServerEX project.

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A feature is an integrated software component of KEPServerEX that provides additional core server functionality. Features are included with the purchase of any KEPServerEX license, and can be utilized at any time.

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Configuration API

Included with KEPServerEX, no purchase necessary.