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Product Overview

Top-tier Kepware drivers and core components of KEPServerEX are localized into Japanese, German and Simplified Chinese. These localizations give native Japanese, German and Chinese speaking-users more accessibility and confidence when configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting KEPServerEX.

Language selection is easy to access, so users can change their preferred language at any time. Japanese, German and Simplified Chinese localizations are installed by default in the products listed below.


Localized Drivers

  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Unsolicited
  • Allen-Bradley DF1
  • Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus
  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet
  • Allen-Bradley Micro800 Ethernet
  • Allen-Bradley Micro800 Serial
  • Allen-Bradley Unsolicited Ethernet
  • BACnet/IP
  • CODESYS Ethernet (German only)
  • Fanuc Focas HSSB
  • Keyence KV Ethernet (Japanese only)
  • Mitsubishi CNC Ethernet (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Mitsubishi Ethernet (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Mitsubishi FX (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Mitsubishi FX Net (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Mitsubishi Serial (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Modbus Plus
  • Modbus Serial
  • Modbus Unsolicited Serial
  • Modbus Ethernet
  • MQTT Client
  • Omron FINS Ethernet (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Omron FINS Serial (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Omron Host Link (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Omron NJ Ethernet (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Omron Process Suite (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • Omron Toolbus (Japanese and Simplified Chinese only)
  • OPC UA Client
  • Siemens S5 3964R
  • Siemens S5
  • Siemens S7 MPI
  • Siemens S7-200
  • Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet

Non-Driver Items

  • Administrative Panel
  • Configuration Utility
  • Connection Sharing
  • Demonstration Projects ("simdemo.opf")
  • Event Log
  • Help Documentation
  • Installation
  • Media Level Redundancy
  • Project Properties
  • Scheduler
  • TIA Portal Utility (German only)

Manufacturing Use Case

KEPServerEX is designed to work seamlessly across a multi-national enterprise. With the localization feature, global personnel interacting with KEPServerEX do not need to speak the same language—even as they configure the same project. So, while one engineer works in English in the United States, their colleague in Japan can change their local KEPServerEX preference to Japanese-providing personnel with consistent access, even across language barriers.

KEPServerEX is more than an OPC server—it's a connectivity platform for industrial automation and IoT. Simply download KEPServerEX, and then select from Kepware's library of more than 150 device drivers, client drivers, and advanced plug-ins to fit the communication requirements unique to your industrial control system.

A feature is an integrated software component of KEPServerEX that provides additional core server functionality. Features are included with the purchase of any KEPServerEX license, and can be utilized at any time.