Media Level Redundancy

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Product Overview

Media Level Redundancy for KEPServerEX enables users to quickly and easily establish redundancy, ensuring reliable communications with critical assets. In the event of a failure, Media Level Redundancy allows the duplicate device or redundant system to take over without interrupting service—preventing data loss, maximizing uptime and increasing the availability of industrial data.

KEPServerEX supports two types of redundancy, providing users the flexibility required to meet the specific needs of their unique environment. Communications Path Redundancy provides multiple network paths to communicate to a critical device; Device Pair Redundancy configures two devices as a redundant unit. Users can combine the redundancy types to eliminate the single point of failure with either option.

Media Level Redundancy

With Media Level Redundancy, users can be assured of resiliency, high-reliability, and uptime in critical applications.



  • Establishes a redundant connection to a single device or a pairing of two devices
  • Offers two redundancy options: Communications Path and Device Pair
  • Supports the combination of both redundancy options
  • Available on devices that communicate using:
    • Serial or Ethernet drivers
    • Modbus Plus drivers operating in master mode
    • The OPC UA Client driver
  • Can determine connection availability by monitoring a tag’s value, quality, or rate of change
  • Includes multiple operating modes to specify how the active device is chosen at runtime
  • Makes changes to the redundancy settings dynamically, applying the updates as soon as they are received from the server Configuration
  • Enables connections to redundant OPC servers with the OPC UA Client driver
  • Can be extended to monitor multiple tags with Advanced Tags

Available Languages

  • English

What Is an Advanced Plug-In?

KEPServerEX is more than an OPC server—it’s a connectivity platform for industrial automation and IoT. Simply download KEPServerEX, and then select from Kepware’s library of more than 150 device drivers, client drivers, and advanced plug-ins to fit the communication requirements unique to your industrial control system.

An advanced plug-in extends the capabilities of the KEPServerEX connectivity platform. It provides enhanced server functionality, increasing the usefulness of data by transforming it beyond raw data in a device register.

Advanced plug-ins may be licensed individually or as part of suites, and can be licensed on demand as connectivity needs evolve.