ThingWorx Native Interface

Included with KEPServerEX, no purchase necessary.
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Product Overview

The ThingWorx Native Interface seamlessly and securely integrates KEPServerEX with the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation platform—giving users a customizable single-pane-of-glass industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

Flexible, customizable, and user-friendly, ThingWorx is the industry’s leading application development platform for IoT applications. Both KEPServerEX and ThingWorx adapt to a wide range of manufacturing environments and integrate with a variety of solutions to meet the unique needs of different industries.

With minimal configuration required, the ThingWorx Native Interface feeds industrial data—provided by KEPServerEX—directly into ThingWorx. All of the data in KEPServerEX is immediately available to browse within the ThingWorx Composer, so users can easily manage tags for all their connected Things, visualize and analyze data, kick off events in other systems, and more.

The ThingWorx Native Interface takes less than ten minutes to implement—enabling unparalleled time-to-value for IoT applications.



The ThingWorx Native Interface gives users the most efficient, flexible, and integrated smart manufacturing interface available, including:

  • Codeless Mapping to a Wide Range of Devices: Users can configure connectivity to an industrial device, seamlessly map KEPServerEX tags to the ThingModel, maintain and view mapping directly from the ThingWorx platform, and more.
  • Accessible Data for Real-Time Analysis: Users can model, analyze, and visualize their KEPServerEX real-time industrial data, and quickly and easily find and utilize the specific data they need from any device supported by KEPServerEX.
  • Remote Project Loading with ThingWorx: Users can easily deploy KEPServerEX projects remotely—while editing network settings and configuring and managing all of their KEPServerEX instances from a single ThingWorx platform interface.
  • Store and Forward: Users can seamlessly transfer data between KEPServerEX and ThingWorx—even in the event of a communication loss or unstable connection.
  • Enhanced Augmented Reality and Machine Learning Integration: Users can quickly and easily find and utilize industrial data in augmented reality (AR) experiences, machine learning models, mashups, and other ThingWorx tools. Users get access to all of their real-time KEPServerEX data within ThingWorx Composer, including the ability to quickly associate that data with new or existing things in the ThingModel, and the ability to view mapping and critical diagnostic information from the ThingWorx platform.
  • Enhanced Data Contextualization: With KEPServerEX data and the ThingModel, users can access ThingWorx’s advanced analytics and simulation tools, orchestrate workflows, create mashups, and engage in AR experiences.

Manufacturing Use Case

A global automotive parts manufacturer needed to reduce machine downtime, improve product quality, and create dynamic visualizations of production systems so they could proactively prevent issues.

Using the KEPServerEX ThingWorx Native Interface to connect KEPServerEX data with ThingWorx, the manufacturer enabled company-wide device-to-Cloud connectivity through one single-pane-of-glass IoT solution.

In this example, KEPServerEX collects data from CNC machines and streams it in real-time to ThingWorx, which in turn provides clearly visualized data and gives users the ability to rapidly analyze their plant floor performance—from individual components to holistic overviews. Using data from KEPServerEX, ThingWorx analyzes uptime data to find trends and prevent downtime. With greater insight into asset and resource allocation, the manufacturer makes more informed decisions about productivity and efficiency across the entire enterprise.

Read the full use case: HIROTEC AMERICA case study

KEPServerEX is more than an OPC server—it's a connectivity platform for industrial automation and IoT. Simply download KEPServerEX, and then select from Kepware's library of more than 150 device drivers, client drivers, and advanced plug-ins to fit the communication requirements unique to your industrial control system.

A feature is an integrated software component of KEPServerEX that provides additional core server functionality. Features are included with the purchase of any KEPServerEX license, and can be utilized at any time.

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ThingWorx Native Interface

Included with KEPServerEX, no purchase necessary.