ThingWorx Native Interface

ThingWorx Kepware Edge features a seamless integration to ThingWorx, the leading Industrial IoT platform. The product provides out-of-the-box connectivity to ThingWorx for users creating Smart, Connected Products with embedded Allen-Bradley, Siemens, or Modbus devices. Users can avoid costly development and quickly implement robust, secure communications with ThingWorx Kepware Edge.

The integration relies on the ThingWorx AlwaysOn protocol, based on the WebSocket protocol. It's many advantages include TLS-based security, persistence, and edge-initiated messaging. With AlwaysOn the edge device always reaches out to the ThingWorx platform and not vice versa, reducing attack vectors and making connections firewall friendly. 




The ThingWorx Native Interface gives users the most efficient, flexible, and integrated smart manufacturing interface available, including:

  • Codeless Mapping to a Wide Range of Devices: Users can configure connectivity to an industrial device, seamlessly map ThingWorx Kepware Edge tags to the ThingModel, maintain and view mapping directly from the ThingWorx platform, and more.
  • Accessible Data for Real-Time Analysis: Users can model, analyze, and visualize their real-time industrial data, and quickly and easily find and utilize the specific data they need from any device supported by ThingWorx Kepware Edge
  • Remote Project Loading with ThingWorx: Users can easily deploy ThingWorx Kepware Edge projects remotely—enabling them to manage all of their ThingWorx Kepware Edge instances from a single ThingWorx platform interface
  • Enhanced Augmented Reality and Machine Learning Integration: Users can quickly and easily find and utilize industrial data in augmented reality (AR) experiences, machine learning models, mashups, and other ThingWorx tools. Users get access to all of their real-time data within ThingWorx Composer, including the ability to quickly associate that data with new or existing things in the ThingModel, and the ability to view mapping and critical diagnostic information from the ThingWorx platform.
  • Enhanced Data Contextualization: With ThingWorx Kepware Edge data and the ThingModel, users can access ThingWorx’s advanced analytics and simulation tools, orchestrate workflows, create mashups, and engage in AR experiences.

Available Languages

  • English

Release Notes



  • Upgraded to ThingWorx CSDK Version 2.2.7.