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Kepware Product Training

PTC’s Kepware-focused training program is designed to address the specific challenges unique to users’ automation environments. Courses can be customized based on trainees’ levels of expertise, location, application, and industry requirements. The labs and training material cover core concepts, such as OPC standards, client/server communication, and connecting to a PLC or device, as well as more advanced subjects like communication optimization and diagnostics.


Kepware Product Training is a three-day course that explores Kepware solutions for Industrial Automation and the Internet of Things. It takes a detailed look at the Kepware server industrial connectivity solution, paying particular attention to its architecture and how to connect to other software applications and devices.

Training includes live product demonstrations and exercises. The course material explores:

  • Optimizing Kepware server configuration projects
  • Implementing diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and debugging
  • Using leading technology like REST for web connectivity
  • Creating a tunnel using OPC UA to transmit secure data
  • Connecting with databases using ODBC Client Driver and DataLogger
  • Identifying the many layers of security available in the server
  • Using advanced functionality to link tags, perform calculations, and more

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