Kepware's software solutions have a lifecycle that begins when a product is released and ends when it is no longer available for download, unlock, or support.

Product Lifecycle

In Kepware's product lifecycle, "End-of-Life" refers to the date when the product is no longer available for download, unlock, or support. Although it will continue to run, it will not be maintained: Kepware will not provide bug fixes, patches, or technical support assistance.

Understanding key dates in the product lifecycle helps you make informed decisions about when to upgrade or make other changes to your software. Please see the table below for specific product information.

Product Final Version Date Released End-of-Life
ClientAce 04/23/2014 09/05/2020
KEPServerEX V4 4.500.465.0 07/23/2009 11/15/2016
LinkMaster V2 12/22/2010 11/15/2016
RedundancyMaster V1 11/23/2005 11/15/2016


Upgrade Options

Keeping your Kepware software at current release levels enhances business continuity and operational efficiency. To discuss your options for upgrading, please contact a Kepware representative or your local Kepware Partner for more information or to request a quote.