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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

Communicating with a Yokogawa YS1700 Controller

Last Update: 11/12/2018

Yokogawa YS1700 is a newer controller that replaces Yokogawa YS170. Kepware's Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet driver can be used to read and write variables in this device. Users should do the following:

  • Ensure that the newest version of KEPServerEX is downloaded. Although older server versions will work, users will not be able to use the configuration files from newer versions.
  • Address the YS with a ".1" after the base IP address. For example, "".
  • Change the YS1700 Modbus TCP Byte Order parameter (dreg2 in the Comm. menu) to L-H in order to work with Kepware when it is using the default configuration. Alternatively, uncheck the First word low in 32 bit data types option in the server's Device Properties and keep the dreg2 parameter set to H-L in the YS1700.
  • Set the PV/SP/MV and Mode address as Long data types (a 32 bit format).
  • Set the SV1 address in registers 40013 and 40014. When setting the Kepware address, use the first register. Users should be aware that Kepware adds an extra 0 to accommodate newer Modbus devices. For example, "40013" becomes "400013". This is cosmetic and affects nothing.

Note: For a list of Modbus register addresses, refer to the controller's help documentation.

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