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Connecting to a Local SoftLogix Soft PLC

Last Update: 11/12/2018

Before attempting to connect Kepware's Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Driver to a SoftLogix Soft PLC running on the same PC, users should ensure the following:

  • RSLinx does not have any Ethernet drivers running on the PC.
  • The EtherNet/IP Messaging Module software is installed in the SoftLogix virtual chassis.
  • The Device ID is set to "<specific_IP_address_of_PC>, 1, <PLC_CPU_slot>" instead of ", 1, <PLC_CPU_slot>". For example, if the PC's IP Address is "" and the SoftLogix CPU is in slot 2 of the virtual chassis, then the Device ID should be set to ",1,2".

    Note: To locate the Device ID setting in KEPServerEX, right-click on the device. Then, select Properties and open the General tab.