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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

Does KEPServerEX Support Communications with the Netcon 5000 from Woodward?

Last Update: 11/7/2018

Yes, it does. The Modbus Serial driver can be used in Ethernet Encapsulation mode, which is different than using the Modbus Ethernet Driver. For more information, follow the instructions below.

Note: All parameters should be left at their default settings unless an alternate value is stated.

  1. In the Netcon 5000 configuration file, find the function block that determines the port setting. Note this number, since it will be needed in a future step.
  2. Next, add a channel to the server project. In the Device Driver drop-down menu, select Modbus RTU Serial and then click Next.
  3. In Communications, select Use Ethernet encapsulation and then finish defining the channel.
  4. Next, add a device to the channel. In Ethernet Encapsulation, enter the Netcon's IP address and then edit the port number to match the number set earlier in the Netcon 5000 configuration file. Then, choose UDP as the protocol.
  5. In Framing, make sure that the Use Modbus TCP framing checkbox is not checked. Then, finish defining the device.
  6. Users should now be able to communicate with Netcon 5000.

Note: Newer versions of Netcon firmware also support TCP.

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