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Dynamic Table Always Moves the First Record When Using 'Move Last Tag' While Connected to a Large Table in Access

Last Update: 11/7/2018

There is a bug in the low-level Microsoft ODBC Driver for Access. When users that have a table containing over 500 records attempt a Move Last, Move To, or Move Next past the five hundredth record, the ODBC Client driver will reset the pointer to the first record.

1. To always display the last record, create a query in Access and then connect to that instead of the actual table. Users can also do the following:

  • Query the data base and then do a decreasing sort so that the last record is always the first record.
  • If the data table is going to be very large, query the database to only bring back the last few records and then do a decreasing sort. The larger the data table, the longer it will take for the ODBC Client driver to pass the data back to the server during a query interval.

2. Do a specific query for only the last record.

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