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Other Clients Cannot Read the Value When a Client Writes to a Device That Is In Simulate Device Mode

Last Update: 11/7/2018

When the Simulate Device option (located in Device Properties | General) is enabled, both clients must have the same Update Rate (if OPC clients) or Scan Rate (if non-OPC clients) in order for a value that is written by one client to be read by another. OPC clients can communicate with non-OPC clients. For more information, refer to Simulation Mode. For information on setting the Update Rate, refer to the instructions below.

  • In the OPC Quick Client, double-click on one of the named green folders in the left pane to open Group Properties. In Update Rate, enter a value. Then, click OK.
  • In LinkMaster, double-click on a link group icon in the lower-left window pane to open Link Group Properties. In Server Update Rate, enter a value. Then, click OK.
  • In DataLogger, open the General tab. In Update Rate, enter a value.
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