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Simultaneously Connecting to a Yokogawa DX Unit via Ethernet with KEPServerEX and Another Application

Last Update: 11/7/2018

Yokogawa DX units support three simultaneous Ethernet connections: one administrator and two users. The administrator connection must be used when writing to the units, because the user connections are Read Only.

  • If the other application can be set to use a user connection, then KEPServerEX can have full access to the unit through the administrator connection.
  • If the other application always uses the administrator connection, then KEPServerEX can be set to connect through a user connection. In this scenario, it will only be able to read from the unit; it will not be able to write to the unit.

To specify the connection level, click Device Properties | Device Configuration. Descriptions of the parameters are as follows:

  • Username: This parameter specifies the registered username. Enter "admin" or "user" to indicate the user level. If the device is configured with the login function enabled, only registered users can login to the DX. A maximum of 16 characters are allowed. The username is case sensitive.
  • Password: If the device is configured with the login function enabled, users must specify both a registered username and password. Enter the registered password. A maximum of 6 alphanumeric characters are allowed.

    Note: Password entry will not be displayed on the Device Configuration screen.