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Which Proprietary Siemens PC Cards Does KEPServerEX Support?

Last Update: 11/12/2018

Siemens has a number of proprietary PC cards that can be installed in a computer's PCI port to provide Siemens protocol support to applications. At this time, KEPServerEX does not support proprietary Siemens PC cards. The Siemens PC cards known to be incompatible with KEPServerEX are as follows:

  • CP 5614 PROFIBUS
  • CP 5613 PROFIBUS
  • CP 5611 PROFIBUS
  • CP 1613 Ethernet
  • CP 1612 Profinet over Siemens Industrial Ethernet
  • CP 1430 Ethernet
  • CP 1430TF Ethernet

Note 1: The Profibus protocol is supported via the Hilscher Universal Driver and the Hilscher CIF PCI cards. The MPI protocol is supported via the Siemens S7 MPI Driver used with a Siemens RS-232 to MPI adapter, or via the Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet Driver used with the Hilscher netLINK or netTAP Ethernet-to-MPI adapter. The Siemens Ethernet protocol is supported for S7-200/300/400/1200 PLCs via the Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet Driver used with a standard PC network card.

Note 2: Ethernet support is provided for S5 PLCs through Serial to Ethernet converters via the Siemens S5 Driver (or an RK512/3964(r) connection with the Siemens S5 3964(r) Driver). Serial drivers use Ethernet Encapsulation. Ethernet support is provided for S7 PLCs through the CP 243, 343, or 443 cards (and via the CP2572 or CP1434 cards for the TI505 line).

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