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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

Why is my Device Model Is Not Listed?

Last Update: 11/7/2018

If a device model is not listed in the device driver, try using the Open model. This model is present in some drivers to allow users to connect to devices that have not been specifically tested with KEPServerEX, but should be able to communicate with the server using the same protocol supported in the device driver.

If an Open model is not available, users may be able to select a similar model and access some of the data registers in the PLC. Manufacturers generally do not drastically change a protocol from device to device. This method, however, may not allow users to get all of the address ranges needed. If a situation like this occurs, users should contact Technical Support. Kepware's Technical Support team is usually able to increase the address ranges without the device.

In some cases, further development and testing is required to add support for specific device models. If a device can be provided by the customer, it would be helpful for development. On rare occasions, changes may need to be made to the core driver components to support the new device. When this is the case, Kepware may ask for a Non Recurring Engineering (NRE) fee.

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