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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

KEPServerEX V5 Still Running in Demo Mode after Activating a Software License

Last Update: 11/12/2018

After activating a KEPServerEX V5 software license, the server continues to run in Demo Mode.

1. The runtime service was not restarted after license activation.
2. A driver or plug-in is being used that is not licensed.
3. The license was activated on a version of the server for which it is not eligible.

1. Restart the runtime service. Right-click on the KEPServerEX icon located in the System Tray, and select Stop Runtime Service. Then, right-click on the KEPServerEX icon located in the System Tray and select Start Runtime Service.
2. Check for the driver or plug-in in the Event Log located in the lower part of the KEPServerEX window. Look for the most current event and work back from there. Only the first driver or plug-in that is not covered by the active license will be identified as triggering demo mode. The demo timer start and reason will be listed. Unlicensed products will need to be removed or activated before the server will run in Unlimited Mode.
3. Open the My Kepware portal and utilize the Activation ID lookup to determine the version of the server for which the Activation ID is eligible. Users with an ineligible version will run in Demo Mode, and must either roll back to an eligible version or purchase support for the license before the server will run in Unlimited Mode. Customers with active Support & Maintenance Agreements are eligible for all versions of KEPServerEX V5.

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