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Why Does the ClientAce Application Timeout After 1 Hour?

Last Update: 11/7/2018

The ClientAce application timed out after an hour of operation.

The application is running in Demo Mode. As such, there are several reasons why this may occur:

  1. The user did not sign the application. If the application is a desktop window, a pop-up message will be received every few minutes informing the user that it is running in demo mode. If the application is a service application, the pop-up message will be suppressed by the service manager.
  2. The user compiled the application to run in Debug mode. For more information, refer to Signing a ClientAce Project That Will Be Running As a Service.
  3. The user compiled the application and moved it to another PC, but did not move the license file with it.
  4. The project was updated from ClientAce V3.5 to V4.0, and a Clean Project was not done before a New Project build. This left the legacy ClientAce OPCLib file in the project, which is incompatible with the new license.
  5. The legacy ClientAce V3.5 license for the sign tool is being used with the new ClientAce V4.0 sign tool. These are incompatible; the project will not be signed.
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