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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

Changing the Channel Diagnostics Viewer's Default Properties

Last Update: 11/12/2018

For information on changing the Channel Diagnostics Viewer's default colors and fonts in KEPServerEX V4 or V5.4 R2 and earlier, refer to the instructions below.

  1. First, check whether Channel Diagnostics are enabled. To do so, right-click on the channel and select Properties.
  2. In the General tab, locate the Enable Diagnostics option and then enable it if it is disabled. Once finished, click Apply | OK.
  3. Next, right-click on the channel and select Diagnostics.
  4. In the Diagnostics Viewer, right-click in the view pane and select Options.
  5. In the Buffer Settings tab, specify the number of bytes that will be captured in the diagnostics. The default setting is 4096 bytes. For troubleshooting purposes, the maximum 65536 bytes is recommended.
  6. In the Display tab, specify the background color of the display, the text color for the transmitted bytes, the text color of the received bytes, the font, and the font size.
  7. Once complete, click OK to save the changes.

Note: For more information see the KEPServerEX V4 or KEPServerEX V5 product manuals.

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