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How to Replace the KEPServerEX V5 Runtime Project Without Using the Configuration Client

Last Update: 11/12/2018

A user-supplied project can be placed into the common application directory on the server and named "project.opf" or "project.xml". When the Runtime is started or reinitialized, the following will occur:

  1. A backup will be created of the existing "default.opf" file when Project Backups are enabled. To access this setting, right-click on the Administration icon located in the System Tray and select Settings. Then, open the Runtime Options tab.
  2. The user-supplied project will be saved as the new Runtime project.
  3. Upon successful Runtime project replacement, the user-supplied file will be deleted.

Note: The Runtime project will not be replaced when a configuration client with write permissions is connected to the Runtime or when the Runtime demo has expired.

Common Application Directory examples are as follows:

  • Vista: C:\ProgramData\Kepware\KEPServerEX\V5
  • XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kepware\KEPServerEX\V5

A batch file example is as follows:


cd Programs Files\Kepware\KEPServerEX 5

net stop "KEPServerEXV5"


copy C:\project.opf C:\ProgramData\Kepware\KEPServerEX\V5\*.*

net start "KEPServerEXV5"

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