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LinkMaster: Both the Primary and Secondary LinkMaster Projects Actively Bridge Data When Redundancy Is Enabled

Last Update: 11/12/2018

When LinkMaster redundancy is enabled, the primary LinkMaster project sends a specialized Ping packet to the secondary LinkMaster project. This packet contains the URL of the PC that is running the primary project. If the secondary project fails to get the transmitted packet (or fails to resolve the URL name that was sent), then it assumes that the primary project is down and will start actively processing data.

Possible Cause:

  1. The network's DNS server is down.
  2. The primary and secondary servers are in separate domains or subnets.
  3. The connection between the primary and secondary LinkMaster projects is through an improperly configured gateway, which causes DNS resolution to fail.

Correct the conditions so that the DNS resolution does not fail.

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