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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

Received Unable to read '<block size>' starting at offset '<offset>' for Memory Type PAW on device '<device name>'. Device returned data access error [Code=0x05] Error Message

Last Update: 11/7/2018

An out of range error is received after attempting a direct read on peripheral addresses.

Possible Cause:
The driver reads the PAW data in blocks of 32 bytes, starting with 0. If one or more bytes in a block is not defined in an analog output module, then all the tags for that block will have bad quality. The error message indicates the number of bytes included in the read (starting at the first address for the block of data being read).

Access the values from the process image instead of the peripheral. For example, address "AW###" instead of "PAW###".

Note: The "Device returned data access error [Code=0x05]" part of the error message indicates that one or more addresses in that block is not defined in the device. For example, a project has tags addressed "PAW336," "PAW338," "PAW340," and "PAW342." The Event Log displays the error message "Unable to read 8 bytes starting at offset 336 for Memory Type PAW (e.g. PAW336) on device 'SiemensTCP.WTP_S7300'. Device returned data access error [Code=0x05]". This indicates that one or more of those offsets are not defined in an analog output module in the device.