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Can the OMNI Flow Computer Driver's Raw Archive Data Be Configured While Running?

Last Update: 11/7/2018

No, it cannot. The OMNI Flow Computer Driver does not allow users to configure the Raw Archive directly; instead, it must be done using OMNICOM software. Reconfiguring an existing Raw Archive will result in the loss of all existing archive data. It is possible to programmatically reset the archive by stopping the archiving process and then enabling archive configuration. This can be completed using the OMNI Flow Computer address locations displayed in the table below.

1796Raw Data Archive Run0 = Archiving stopped.
1 = Archiving running.
1797Reconfigure Archive0 = Archive configuration disabled.
1 = Archive configuration enabled.
13920Archive Run?0 = Stop archiving.
1 = Start archiving.
13921Reconfigure Archive?0 = No configuration allowed.
1 = Configuration changes allowed.

Stopping archiving and enabling the configuration will clear all archived data.

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