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How Do I Tell Multiple OPC Clients Apart In the Server?

Last Update: 11/7/2018

Multiple OPC clients are connected to the server, but there is no easy way to identify them.

Support was added for the IOPCCommon::SetClientName method in KEPServerEX version 5.7. This method allows any OPC client that connects to the server to set a name in relation to its server connection objects. The following was also done:

  1. The System Tag _OpcClientNames was added at the server's System Tag level. This tag displays the names set by clients connected to the server in a String Array.
  2. In OPC Diagnostics, a field was added for the Client Name after the Client ID in the view.

The OPC Quick Client was also updated to allow the setting of a Client Name. For more information, refer to the instructions below.

  1. To start, open the OPC Quick Client. Then, double-click on the server connection. For example, select "Kepware.KEPServerEX.V5".
  2. In Server Properties, open the Identification tab.
  3. Next, enter a name in the Client Name field to identify the server connection.
  4. Once finished, click OK.

Note: The OPC Quick Client can create multiple connections to the same or different servers. As such, a client name may be set for each connection.

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