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How Long Should It Take to Upload EFM Data?

Last Update: 11/12/2018

The time it takes to upload EFM data will vary from meter to meter. Several factors that can influence the upload speed are as follows:

  • Bandwidth: This is the rate at which data can be transferred over the line. For serial connections, it takes about 1 millisecond to transfer 1 byte of data.
  • Data Packet Size: The amount of data transferred depends on both the Log File's configuration and how many values are included in each data record.
  • Number of Records in the Data Log: The longer the interval between Log File uploads, the more records that are included in the file.
  • Number of Devices on One Connection: The server and drivers communicate simultaneously on each channel; however, each device on the channel is communicated to synchronously or one at a time. As such, it may take a longer time to complete an upload for multiple meters on the same channel that are scheduled to upload at the same time. This includes devices in a virtual network.