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Does KEPServerEX Have Communication Serialization Options?

Last Update: 11/7/2018

Communication Serialization enables drivers to share the same serial COM port or to serialize communication over a network. There are two key options available to specific drivers: COM Port Sharing and Channel Serialization.

COM Port Sharing
Connection Sharing allows channels of the same or differing protocol to share the same COM port. If the port is being shared with another channel, the Serial Port Settings parameter located in Channel Properties | Communications will display "(shared)".

Note 1: The baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits, and other COM port settings must be consistent for all devices on the shared serial port. Users may specify up to 999 different COM port connections in a single server instance.

Note 2: System Tags expose the COM serialization information to any client. For example, tags like _NetworkOwner lets users track which channel is actively using the port.

Virtual Networks for Channel Serialization over a Single Network Interface
Virtual Networks allow the serialization of communications over the same Network Interface Card (NIC) in a round-robin style. Users can create up to 50 separate Virtual Networks.

Note: The "Transactions per cycle" setting allows users to control how many read requests may be performed for one tag or one block of tags per channel when that channel has ownership of the network. This allows users to control which channel and devices have network priority.