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Is my license valid for 6.5?

Last Update: 11/12/2018
Yes. Upgrading to 6.5 maintains valid licenses!

Some users have received a license warning.
If you see this warning when installing from v6.x to v6.5, it does not mean your license is invalid.

Follow the steps below.
1. Leave the installation exactly as it is.
2. Verify the support license file is correctly applied in the License Utility by following the steps below.
3. Right-click on KEPServerEX logo in the system tray and select License Utility.

4. In the View Licenses window, verify the license has a Support End Date of 6/2018 or later.
Note: If there is no valid, current license and there should be; contact Technical Support.
5. Click Close to exit the License Utility.
6. Return to the KEPServerEX 6.5 installation License Warning.

7. Select Continue the installation and click Next.
8. Allow the installation to complete.
9. Verify (or create) a channel for at least one device under a valid licensed driver.
10. Check the EventLog and verify that there are no messages of drivers operating in time limited mode.
11. Launch QuickClient.
12. Browse to the _System tag folder.
13. Verify the licensed product shows as the Value for the _System._LicensedFeatures tag.
14. Verify the Value is blank and not the product for the _System._TimeLimitedFeatures tag.

15. Exit QuickClient.
Note: If running in Time-Limited mode despite a valid, current license; contact Technical Support.