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Kepware Knowledge Base: Solution

Why isn't Kepware software working after a system failure?

Last Update: 11/12/2018

Kepware software isn't working after a system failure.

Possible Cause:
System failure or crash corrupted the software or the valid license.

Reinstall the Kepware software and verify the software is functioning properly and is not in time-limited mode.
Reinstall the software and contact Technical Support for a new license.
If outside business hours, activate the Emergency ID (see instructions below).

Emergency ID

An Emergency Activation ID is provided with each software purchase to be used in the event of a machine/system failure occurring outside of standard business hours. The emergency license allow the product to run for seven days to allow time for users to contact with Technical Support and obtain a new valid license.

1. Run the license utility and select Activate a product.
2. Enter the provided Activation ID and create an activation request file.
3. On the target machine where Kepware software is installed, open an internet browser.
4. Visit MyKepware at: web address.
5. Create an account or login with existing account credentials.
6. Select Activate Product License.
7. Enter the Activation ID in the text box.
Note: The original confirmation from Kepware included several IDs, including an Emergency ID. Access that correspondence and copy the Emergency Activation ID from that file and paste it into the text box.
8. Select Choose File and add the activation request file created in step 2.
9. Select Generate Activation Response File and click OK.
10. Download the activation response file to a noted location.
11. Return to the License Utility and enter the Activation response file, select OK.
12. Acknowledge the successful license activation message.
13. In the view licenses window, all products activated with an emergency license have an asterisk noting an expiration date.
14. Verify that the expiration date is a week away from license activation.
15. Contact Technical Support within the week.

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