Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is "My Kepware"?
Answer: The My Kepware portal provides customers access to the following:

  • Performing all Licensing Operations
    • Activations
    • Transfers
    • Upgrades
    • Renewals
  • Submit a support case
  • Direct Downloads of KEPServerEX / LinkMaster / Redundancy Master / Client Ace

Question: What is an "Activation ID / License Number"?
Answer: The 36 character ID associated with your product purchase

Question: What is an "Emergency Activation ID"?
Answer: Every permanent license is associated with an Emergency Activation ID which is intended for use when licensing issues have been encountered during non-business hours.  Activating this ID will restore functionality to the server for a period of 7 days, giving us time to expedite your issue once you have submitted a Support Ticket

Question: How do I activate the "Emergency Activation ID"?
Answer: The "Emergency Activation ID" is activated in the same manner as the Permanent Activation ID.  For more information on how to activate a license, please see our Licensing Instructions here: https://www.kepware.com/en-us/support/licensing/

Question: Where can I find my Emergency Activation ID?
Answer: a) Upon order fulfillment, an email is sent to the customer containing both the Permanent and Emergency Activation IDs for your product.
              b) Logon to the My Kepware portal, then enter the 36 character Permanent Activation ID into the "License Information" field and then select "Look Up".  

Question: What is a "Support Renewal File"?
Answer: Upon purchase of a new Support and Maintenance agreement, a .LIC file is created containing the necessary information needed in order to update the License Information on the server itself.