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Enrich and lengthen the lifetime of your Kepware software applications

Support & Maintenance Program

Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program is a comprehensive service plan for your Kepware software applications. The program was developed to enrich and lengthen the lifetime of your Kepware software. It combines software updates and upgrades with expert Technical Support services to help keep your critical automation projects performing at an optimum level. It also increases your personal operational efficiency by providing access to Kepware's industry-leading expertise. The Support & Maintenance Program is available for all of Kepware's products and applications, including KEPServerEX, ClientAce, LinkMaster, RedundancyMaster, and all advanced plug-ins and drivers.

Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program includes the following:

  1. Software updates and upgrades
  2. Technical support for an unlimited number of support requests
  3. License recovery in the event of machine failure or destruction

Software Updates and Upgrades

Ensuring the stability of your high-performance software and keeping it at current release levels enhances business continuity and operational efficiency. Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program provides you with access to the latest software features and functionality that will enable you to continuously improve performance. This includes:

  • Proprietary client interface updates for HMI, SCADA, MES, and more
  • Support for OPC client interface updates
  • Support for device firmware updates
  • Server operating system updates
  • New drivers and advanced plug-ins added to bundled suites
  • New driver enhancements and features
  • New advanced plug-in enhancements and features
  • Bug fixes

Leverage Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program to maximize your software's performance and simplify the administrative burden around the planning and costs of software asset management. New software releases are available for download through the My Kepware online portal.

Technical Support

Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program provides you with access to a team of Technical Support experts who have extensive experience supporting communication and interoperability solutions for the Automation Industry. Support Engineers can provide assistance with installation, migration, configuration, upgrades, license management, troubleshooting, and more.

Access to Kepware's Technical Support team ensures that your Kepware software will be utilized to its fullest potential and supported by the professionals closest to its development. Your issues will be handled thoroughly, efficiently, and with the necessary urgency for maintaining your business-critical operations.

License Recovery Support

Kepware’s Support & Maintenance Program provides immediate assistance with license recovery if the machine running Kepware fails or is irrevocably damaged. Please note that for failures occurring outside of standard business hours, you can utilize the emergency license provided with your original Software Activation ID to avoid software downtime.

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Ordering Information

The Support & Maintenance Program is available for purchase in one-year, two-year, or three-year terms. The cost of the program depends on the value and quantity of Kepware software solutions purchased. For more information or to request a quote, please contact a Kepware representative or your local Kepware Partner.

Support Reinstatement Policy

When a support agreement or warranty has lapsed for a period of less than one year, Kepware requires a new Support & Maintenance Program purchase be backdated to the day following the end of the expired contract or warranty. In this instance, Kepware does not require any other relicensing or reinstatement fees.

When a support agreement or warranty has lapsed for a period of greater than one year, Kepware requires that the customer pay a Support Reinstatement Fee in order to make that software eligible for support. With this payment, support can then be ordered on a go-forward basis. For administrative ease, Kepware has combined the Support Reinstatement Fee with one year of support for a single orderable Product ID and price. Please contact a Kepware representative or your local Kepware Partner for more information or to request a quote.


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As a production environment matures, it increases in complexity. Without a standardized, enterprise-wide approach to connectivity, managing and maintaining multiple licenses across mulitple locations is time consuming and costly.

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