Technical Support Integration

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PTC's business systems continue to be extended to incorporate Kepware products. To assist our valued customers and partners during the transition of technical support service, please see current information about changes in our technical support systems below.

Contact Information

Kepware customers receive technical support for Kepware products through My Kepware and Kepware’s US toll-free phone number.

  • Toll-free Phone: +1 888.KEPWARE x2211
  • Web: mykepware.com
  • Support Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (US Eastern Time)

Process Improvements In Place

Kepware Technical Support continues to be provided by the same expert team through an upgraded Technical Support interface that enhances your online user experience.

Web Account Updates
Improved Case Management Tools on My Kepware
  • Updated interface
    • File a case quickly and easily
    • Manage and track your cases online
  • Expedited case assignment
    • Case Logger captures all information to automate routing to the appropriate Kepware resource.
  • Automated validation of support entitlement
    • Your support contract is validated through your license Activation ID.
  • Preferred Distributor support
    • Customers who are supported by Kepware Preferred Distributors continue to be referred to their distributor for support.
Case Migration

Kepware cases have been migrated into PTC’s CRM system.

  • To access your cases, log into My Kepware and click the CASES tab.
  • To view or update a case, select the case number.
  • Open Details to view high-level information, including case number and owner.
  • Open Related to view case comments and attachments.

Note: Existing Kepware case numbers have been assigned a new PTC case number. Kepware case numbers (referred to as Legacy IDs) are cross-referenced to their new PTC case numbers. 

Retired technical.support@kepware.com Email Address
  • Case initiation by email to technical.support@kepware.com is no longer supported.
  • Cases may now be filed through two channels: Online at My Kepware and by phone at +1 888.KEPWARE x211.
  • After filing your case, you can communicate with Technical Support through the online Case Viewer or email at cs_ptc@ptc.com.
  • If communicating through email, please include the PTC case number within the subject line using the format Cnnnnnnnn, where nnnnnnnn is the PTC case number. For example:
    • To or CC: cs_ptc@ptc.com
    • Subject: C88888888: Cannot import tags
Resolved Issues
  1. When creating a new My Kepware account, the Phone field allows a limited number of characters. We are working to resolve this issue. In the interim, please enter a string of numbers in this format (123)456-7890. These can be updated after your My Kepware account is created.
  2. When activating a V5 Support License, the following error is encountered:
    • There was an error processing your request file.

      Error: - callout failed with reason - Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, Required fields are missing: [License__c]: [License__c]
    To work around this issue, return the original KEPServerEX V5 license with which you are trying to use the Support ID and then process it through Upgrade Your KEPServerEX License from Version 5 to Version 6. Use the new V6.5 Activation ID to activate the desired version of KEPServerEX V5.
Known Issues
  1. Some users are experiencing issues while logging into My Kepware or the Partner Portal. To report an issue you are having—and request Technical Support and license management assistance—please use this form. A representative will follow up with you promptly.

Kepware strives to provide the best technical support services and is continuously looking for ways to improve. This page will be updated to reflect any additional updates.

PTC Support Channels

Customers who purchase an IoT solution that consists of the ThingWorx® IoT Platform and KEPServerEX® or ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity will be supported through standard PTC channels.

New to PTC eSupport? Read the Customer Support Guide to learn how to request support through PTC’s Technical Support systems.