Free Visual Basic (VB) OPC Client Source Code

To help make OPC client/server technology easier to use in your custom applications, Kepware has provided this free OPC client sample code. The Simple and Complex Visual Basic examples are extensively detailed and provide tips for using OPC servers in your VB applications.

This example source code is provided as-is. Kepware Technologies provides no warranty, no support, and no indemnification on its use. This example source code requires the use of technologies from Microsoft (such as Visual Basic) and the OPC Foundation (such as the OPC DA Automation Wrapper) that may no longer be supported by their respective owners. Caution should be used when developing any solution based on this example. Users are encouraged to review the warranty and support policies for these third parties and their respective products before implementing any applications that depend on their technologies.

For OPC client development tools and examples that are supported by Kepware, refer to ClientAce, Kepware's OPC Client Toolkit.

Next Steps

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