Authorized Reseller Program Application

Connected with Kepware® Program

The Connected with Kepware Program to formally recognize and nurture Kepware's strategic distribution, integration, and technology partners. Connected with Kepware also benefits end-users by ensuring cross-vendor collaboration.

Connected with Kepware Authorized Reseller Program

Connected with Kepware Authorized Resellers are approved to promote and sell Kepware software solutions. Connected Authorized Resellers are important advocates of Kepware solutions and help Kepware reach a greater number of customers around the world.

Connected Authorized Resellers sell in multinational regions and provide a more localized experience for customers. Resellers also often offer expertise in particular industries and collaborate with other leading industrial automation vendors.

Program Benefits

  • Kepware product discounts
  • Kepware product demonstration licensing
  • Access to Kepware training and marketing collateral
  • Specialized support and guidance from a Kepware Channel Account Manager
  • Free three-day, hands-on Kepware Product Training 
  • A profile listing in our resellers searchable database
  • Kepware Technical Support
  • Kepware logo for use in print and digital marketing

Next Steps

Complete the form to apply for the Connected with Kepware Authorized Reseller Program, and a Kepware representative will contact you soon. If you have additional questions, please email or your Kepware contact.

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