Honeywell Suite

Licensing available for $995.00
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Product Overview

The Honeywell Suite packages all of Kepware's connectivity options for Honeywell PLCs for one low price. The suite contains the Honeywell HC900 Ethernet, Honeywell UDC Ethernet, and Honeywell UDC Serial drivers. After purchasing the license for the Honeywell Suite, you can use all of the drivers on the same PC.

Note: Current users with a valid license for any one of the drivers found in the Honeywell Suite may download the latest version of KEPServerEX and install all drivers listed in the suite.

A suite is a collection of drivers and plug-ins for KEPServerEX. These products have been bundled into suites by vertical industry, device manufacturer, or industrial application for the convenience of our customers. Additional suites can be licensed on demand as connectivity needs evolve.

Purchasing Information

Honeywell Suite
PRICE: $995.00

1 Year Support and Maintenance Agreement
PRICE: $179.00

TOTAL: $1174.00

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