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许多流量计算机和设备都存储历史的电子式流量测量 (EFM) 数据,主要用于数据传输监测。适用于 KEPServerEX 的 EFM Exporter 与捆绑在 EFM 套件中的 EFM 驱动结合使用,可调度 EFM 数据的检索和导出,将流量计算机和 RTU 的 EFM 数据导出到 FLOWCAL 和 PGAS 等常见行业格式及 CSV 和 SQL 等可自定义格式。

EFM Exporter

EFM Exporter 从 EFM 驱动收集 EFM 数据并将属性映射到已定义的 EFM 参数以上载到流量分析软件。该解决方案可处理气体和液体 EFM 数据,为两种应用程序提供相同的外观。



气体和液体 EFM 均支持的功能

  • 免费的 EFM Simulator 驱动可生成仿真的 EFM 设备数据
  • 调度 EFM 数据的自动轮询和特定于目标的轮询时间(每小时整点过后 15 分钟)
  • 通过写入标签触发按需轮询
  • 收集每日和每小时历史数据以及报警与事件
  • 控制通过通道、设备、仪表和仪表 ID 的网络路径和通配符导出的文件的名称和位置
  • 按记录时间整理导出数据,包括支持按合同小时整理文件
  • 将一个仪表的数据映射到多个支持的导出格式
  • 将配置导入/导出到 CSV 并在 Excel 中配置项目
  • 将 EFM 数据导出到自定义 CSV 文件
  • 通过 ODBC 将 EFM 数据导出到 SQL 数据库
  • 通过 KEPServerEX 配置 API 为所有输出器类型提供第三方和远程配置

特定于气体 EFM 的功能

  • 支持历史类型为 1 到 4 的 FLOWCAL CFX 文件(V5 格式)
  • 支持历史类型为 1 到 4 的 FLOWCAL 事务队列
  • 支持导出至 PGAS V8
  • 支持 ABB Totalflow、Enron Modbus、Fisher ROC 和 ROC Plus 以及 OMNI Flow Computer 驱动

特定于液体 EFM 的功能

  • 支持历史类型为 11 到 13 的 FLOWCAL CFX 文件(V7 格式)
  • 支持 ABB Totalflow、Fisher ROC Plus 以及 OMNI Flow Computer 驱动


  • 英语




  • Increased security when working with different DSNs.



  • 修复了每小时 PGAS 导出显示的时间间隔大于一小时的问题。
  • 修复了仪表类型对 AGA7 输出始终设置为“Turbine”的问题。
  • 修复了 PGAS 导出中当拖尾时间处于偶数小时边界(分钟 = 0)上时,错误地计算前导时间的问题。
  • 修复了每日记录不遵守 PGAS 导出的前导/拖尾时间标志的问题。



  • 将 PGAS 数据导出器更改为在 c_prime 属性没有值时将 flowing_condition_factor 导出到 c_prime column 中。



  • 向 PGAS 导出数据中增加了“压力基础”(Pressure Base) 列。



  • 将 PGAS 导出器更改为当 c_prime 属性无值时,为 c_prime 列导出 flowing_condition_factor。



  • 如果项目中不再存在关联设备,则禁止添加仪表。
  • 修改了 PGAS 数据输出器,以提供可用的实时平均比重和平均加热值数据。



  • 修改了 PGAS 和 CSV 的 EFM 输出,以显示六位数精度(适用情况下)。
  • 纠正了以下问题:PGAS 数据输出器忽略 hourly_record_span 配置属性并将所有设备视为提供超前时间。EFM Exporter 现在检查该属性并计算合适的起始/终止时间。
  • 加热值类型现在决定 BTU 值导出的目标列。


  • 修改了 PGAS 导出器,使计算出的记录的开始/结束时间(取决于是否将设备设置为提供前导或拖尾时间)绝对不会超过一小时。
  • 修改了 PGAS 导出器,以提供可用的实时比重和能量值历史数据。
  • 修改了 PGAS 和 CSV 的 EFM 输出,以显示 7 位数的精度(如果适用)。
  • 纠正了 PGAS 导出器忽略 hourly_record_span 配置属性并且在处理所有设备时均认为其提供了前导时间的问题。



  • Prefixed the default table names with the exporter type (gas / liquid) to prevent users from accidentally overwriting data when using both gas and liquid exporters of the same type without changing the default table names. Users can use the defaults or custom names.
  • Added support for exporting Liquid EFM data to CSV files.
  • Added support for exporting Liquid EFM data to ODBC-compliant databases



  • Added support for wildcards for channel, device, meter, and meter ID that can be used to define the file path and file name of EFM export data.
  • Created a new EFM Event attribute called "event_desc_with_values" to contain the string description as well as the “old_value” and “new_value” information.
    Note: The previous "new_value" attribute is now mapped as "event_desc_with_values" attribute.



  • Corrected an issue where incorrect values were written to the FLOWCAL V5 and V7 file's termination record when there were no events, alarms, or batch reports in the upload.
  • Added support for demand polling a single meter via the meter "_Poll" system tag and supporting diagnostic System tags. Added meter-level System tags for "_Polling" and "_ErrorOnLastPoll".
  • Fixed issues when deleting an actively polling poll group.
  • Fixed an issue where the enable/disable meter options were not working properly after disabling a meter.
  • Enhanced the plug-in to gather historical data from gas chromatograph devices.



  • Added support for FLOWCAL Transaction Queue. The EFM Exporter can now push gas data directly to FLOWCAL's Oracle database.
  • Removed the password field from CSV import/export for the Database Exporter. CSV files exported from previous versions still import correctly, but the password is ignored. Existing exporters that are updated by CSV import retain the original password and new exporters created by the import have a blank password.
  • Replaced the "Toggle On/Off" traffic light button with "Enable" and "Disable" buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where the context menu could appear in the wrong location if the configuration window was condensed.
  • Fixed an issue where modifying the CSV Exporter mappings and deleting the CSV file could result in improper output.



  • Fixed an issue in the "File Path" buttons that prevented the root path from being opened when |SystemX| wildcards were used in the path.
  • Fixed an issue where edits applied to a Poll Group that was in the process of polling were discarded.
  • Fixed an issue in V7 CFX files where the start/end times defined in the file were incorrect if the file didn't contain hourly or daily data. The times now represent the span of time between all poll results, including alarms, events, history, and batch.
  • Removed a false error message that could occur when device communications were lost or the EFM meter had no new data. The error message was "Warning EFM Exporter Unable to read EFM data from temporary file."



  • Added support for exporting Liquid EFM Data to Flow-Cal V7 CFX files. Liquid support works with the OMNI, ROC+, and EFM Simulator drivers only.
  • Fixed an issue where EFM data could be lost if the configuration upload failed.
  • Fixed a bug in the CFX V5 configuration serialization. The previous implementation picked the wrong K factor unit depending on whether the unit attribute was set to metric or English.
  • The EFM Exporter now posts warnings when changing the CFX V7 or V5 history interval if there is un-exported data on disk. This data will not be exported unless the change is reverted.
  • Added an Open Export Path button to the Flow-Cal, CSV, and PGAS exporters. This button will open the export directory path in a file explorer window.
  • Corrected the tab order in the following EFM Exporter dialogs: CSV Config, Event, Alarm, and History; EFM Meters; and Flow-Cal Exporter.
  • Fixed an issue where EFM uploads would fail to complete if the block size of a device being polled was changed during the upload.
  • Added support for a Liquid EFM model to simulate liquid data. The driver now supports Gas EFM and Liquid EFM models.
  • The EFM Simulator now specifies a contract hour and contract day of 0 instead of random values.


  • Enhanced the EFM Exporter to support exporting to ODBC data sources. Users can now choose the Data Source Name as well as the destination tables for Configuration, Alarms, Events, Daily, and Hourly History data. The UI also allows users to easily define mappings between EFM attributes and table fields.
  • Fixed an issue where CSV import incorrectly allowed invalid characters (such as a leading underscore) in the exporter's Name field.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to the exporter's Name field did not take effect until the Runtime was reinitialized.
  • Added name validation to the XML schema for all exporters and the Poll Group.
  • Fixed the failure to import the Poll Group's CSV file.
  • Fixed the N-C4 and ISO-C4 name strings.
  • Fixed the Alarm State's description string.
  • Fixed the Daily History property page's help link.
  • Resolved an issue where changing the polling from OnDemand to Scheduled (or vice versa) would not take effect until the Runtime was reinitialized.
  • Resolved an issue where changing the polling from OnDemand to Scheduled on-the-fly after the first scheduled poll had already completed would result in an immediate poll. The Event Log message from the immediate poll would show a next poll start time that was earlier than the time that the immediate poll was started.
  • Resolved an issue where disabled exporters would be re-enabled after the poll method was changed and the Server Configuration was closed and reopened.


  • Fixed a defect that would have prevented users from changing the name of a new CSV Exporter.


Initial release of new simulation driver included with the EFM Exporter plug-in. This driver gives users an easy way to evaluate or demonstrate the EFM Exporter when they do not have connection access to a physical EFM device. The driver exists as a sub-feature of the EFM Exporter and must be selected for installation.



  • This new server plug-in allows the export of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data from EFM-enabled drivers. At this time, support is for EFM export to Flow-Cal format (CFX) Versions 5, Report Types 1 through 4.

支持 EFM 流量测量软件解决方案

  • FLOWCAL(气体是 CFX V5 格式;液体是 CFX V7 格式)
  • Quorum PGAS v8
  • .CSV
  • SQL 数据库 (ODBC)



KEPServerEX 不仅是 OPC 服务器,它还是一种适用于工业自动化和 IoT 的连接平台。只需下载 KEPServerEX,然后从包含 150 多种设备驱动、客户端驱动和高级插件的 Kepware 库中选择,以便适合您工业控制系统的独特通信要求。

高级插件可扩展 KEPServerEX 连接平台的功能。通过将设备中的原始数据转换为其他形式,来提高数据实用性,并增强 KEPServerEX 的功能。



EFM Exporter