Enron Modbus

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适用于 KEPServerEX 的 Enron Modbus 驱动能够与 Enron Modbus 兼容的设备通信,包括但不限于 Schneider 的 SCADAPack、Thermo Scientific 的 AutoPilot Pro 和 AutoEXEC、Eagle Research 的 XARTU、Cameron 的 Nuflo Scanner 2000/2200 及 Bristol 的 ControlWave。要仅进行实时通信,可单独购买 Enron Modbus 驱动,或购买包含在 Oil and Gas Suite 中的该驱动。对于需要电子式流量测量 (EFM) 和实时通信的应用程序,可购买包含在 EFM Suite 中的 Enron Modbus 驱动。EFM 功能包括将 EFM 历史记录、警报和事件数据调度和导出至行业标准和自定义格式。



  • 通信
    • 以太网封装
    • 拨号调制解调器
      • 自动拨号
      • 多个电话号码
  • 可配置的寻址支持
  • 字符串支持
  • 通信序列化
  • 多达 256 个通信通道
  • 通过扫描模式控制客户端轮询速率
  • 设备自动降级
  • 针对 EFM 轮询、用户指定的间隔或时间的时间同步
  • 介质级别冗余​
  • 可即时配置的用户定义的块大小
  • 通信序列化


  • Enron Modbus


  • Devices supporting the Enron Modbus protocol


  • 英语


  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Version 1.02
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware




  • Fixed an issue to allow proper writing of 32-bit LBCD tags.



  • 改进了清除缓存逻辑,以允许在应用后检索所有条目。
  • 为通过此驱动程序使用 Fisher ROC 设备的客户增加了对基于零的存档的支持。
  • 修复了可能无法检索位于存档的开始和结束处的 EFM 记录的问题。


  • 增加了更多有关时间同步的选项:
    • 仅在设备时间与系统时间之差超过某个阈值时才允许时间同步。
    • 对 EFM 轮询执行时间同步。
  • 修复了在出错消息中使用了不兼容的参数的问题。



  • Fixed a bug where the argument list passed to fnDriverErrorMsg does not match the IDS_INCORRECT_RESPONSE_SIZE resource string parameter specifiers.



  • 添加了指示配置的设备 ID 与从该设备检索的值不匹配的出错消息。
  • 现在可通过 EFM 历史记录映射配置 flow_time 的缩放。
  • 解决了以下问题:响应与 EFM 配置枚举不匹配时,EFM 轮询永远完不成。
  • 解决了以下问题:在第一次轮询后,Enron Modbus EFM 轮询每次仅上载一条记录。
  • 通道限制从 256 提高到了 1024。



  • 现在,地址范围、EFM 映射和 EFM 仪表呈现在项目树状视图中,以改进可见性和编辑能力。
  • 解决了以下问题:尽管请求填充邻近的标签,但 EFM 配置读取仅为一个标签填充值。
  • 纠正了事件日志中输出的地址范围无效的出错消息。


  • Fixed an issue where LBCD data types could not be written when using 32-bit memory types.
  • Updated the clear-cache mechanism so that when the cache is cleared; the entire archive is read, ending the poll at the current record.
  • Added a property to support zero-based archives.
  • Updated IDS_DATETIME_DECODE_FAILED_HISTORY error message to include the meter name.
  • Fixed a bug where the EFM configiration enumerations do not correctly match with values returned from the device.
  • Fixed a bug where the argument list passed to fnDriverErrorMsg does not match the IDS_INCORRECT_RESPONSE_SIZE resource string parameter specifiers.
  • Added cases for handling newer data types in CRealTimeSM::_PostBadTagInBlockMessage to prevent invalid address ranges in the error message.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple item values were stored in the same vector index when processing a received frame during EFM configuration export.


  • 修复了以下缺陷:处理从 EFM Exporter 插件收到的配置帧时,多个项的值会错误存储。这可能导致多次读取配置数据,而且最终的值是错误的。
  • 纠正了事件日志中输出的地址范围无效的出错消息。


  • Fixed a minor defect where the driver posted an Event Log message for a valid condition with an invalid ending block range address of 0.
  • Resolved an issue, introduced in the 5.20 release, where reads for EFM data failed when contiguous registers (EFM Mapping) were included in the meter configuration.



  • Added ability to read and write to two new data types (FP, U32) and added configuration support to EFM Exporter for these two new types.
  • Added support for Extended Stations IDs (device IDs above 255). The new model type is referenced as “Extended Station ID” and supports device IDs up to 65535 and a maximum of 1024 devices per channel.



  • Enhanced the driver to gather historical data from gas chromatograph devices.
  • Added support for configuring the historical and event date formats to be compatible with ABB and Daniels gas chromatographs.



  • Enhanced the driver to cache the pointer file to disk so that it will not re-poll for data already collected on start-up.
  • Changed the header text in the history mapping UI from "Gas Quality�? to "Gas Composition (Mole%)�?.
  • Fixed an issue where the driver was producing duplicate EFM records for hourly history data.



  • Fixed a UI issue where a duplicate archive assignment check would be done even if a meter was disabled. The assignment check is no longer performed for disabled meters.


  • Improved the driver's EFM data collection performance and efficiency when intermittent communication errors are seen with the connection to the EFM data source. The optimizations are handled in the driver automatically and no project configuration changes are required in the driver UI.
  • Enhanced the driver to support Configurable Addressing. This provides the flexibility to configure address ranges as needed to work with devices that do not use the standard Enron address extensions.
  • Added option to automatically generate tags from the EFM configuration mapping.
  • Added the EFM Mapping Device Property page to the Enron Modubs new device wizard. The Import and Export functions are not available in the new device wizard. Enabled the EFM mapping controls on the EFM Meters new device wizard property page.
  • Made the "Meter Name" element non-optional in XML project schema. Made the min and max number of meters twelve in the XML project schema.



  • Updated the driver with the new Connection Sharing feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the RTS and Inter-Request Delay settings were not being respected during the write portion of a Read/Modify/Write transaction.

    Note: A Read/Modify/Write transaction occurs when writing to a bit within a register.

  • Removed the ability for meter names to begin with an underscore, contain quotation marks or periods, or have leading or trailing whitespace.
  • EFM upload (data collection) architecture was enhanced to improve application scalability for projects containing a large number of EFM meters per poll group.



This new serial driver communicates with a range of devices that support the Enron Modbus protocol, which are primarily used in Oil & Gas applications. It supports real-time communications as well as Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), where EFM data is collected and logged via the EFM Exporter Plug-In.

功能(包含在 EFM Suite 中时)

  • EFM 支持
  • EFM 配置和映射
    • 从配置和映射自动导入标记
    • 历史记录,包括气相色谱仪数据
      • 每小时
      • 每天
    • 警报
    • 事件


KEPServerEX 不仅是 OPC 服务器,它还是一种适用于工业自动化和 IoT 的连接平台。只需下载 KEPServerEX,然后从包含 150 多种设备驱动、客户端驱动和高级插件的 Kepware 库中选择,以便适合您工业控制系统的独特通信要求。

驱动是一种软件组件,能够使 KEPServerEX 满足某个特定设备、系统或其他数据源的连接要求。此驱动处理 KEPServerEX 与数据源进行的所有专属通信;客户端接口处理通向监控或控制设备的应用程序的所有连接,包括支持的 OPC 连接、专属连接和开放式标准连接。



Enron Modbus